The girls have started laying.  Everyday we find 3 duck eggs waiting for us.  Were wondering if we have a drake in the mix.  Apparantly drakes are supposed to “hiss” rather than “quack” and have different tail feathers to the ducks.  I cant tell the difference!

Whilst I love a good poached (hen) egg, I cant seem to get past the richer flavour imparted by the duck egg.  That said, theyre great for baking (cant taste the difference) and  Im really keen to try some duck egg pasta too.  Weve been researching all sorts of different reciepes using them.  I had a go at a Rasberry Duck Egg Custard Tart.  Whilst it wasnt really photo worthy – it tasted absolutely delicious.

In horsey news, I was again lucky enough to attend a 2 day Alan Mitchell Show Jumping Clinic.  This time I took Chad along.  Here are snippets from day 1.  First up, trotting over poles…

Next up, Alan added in some crosses.  Chad got pretty excited during this run and I had a hard time pulling him up…

Then all crosses.  Better…..

Day 2 was great too.  Alan set up the jumps in an “S” formation so we were challenged to jump on the turn.  Unfortunately Chad refused a jump and I went straight over the top of his head.  Just some minor grazes and a bruised ego. What I did (re) learn was how much I love to jump and how much I’d love to compete.  Which means finding a new horse which can help my endeavours and selling Ellie 😦

In other news Meggy is starting to show some equine interest again.  She hopped on Chad last weekend for a little canter.

Thats about it for now.  Enjoy this pic of the girls…


Feb Fast


Ive decided to do Feb Fast this year.  A whole 29 days without alcohol!  ” I think I can, I think I can….”  Money raised from Feb Fast supports young Aussies battling alcohol and other drug problems.

Please support me (and them) by visiting my fundraising site here.  Or to find out more about the program and how it helps young Aussies in need, visit the Feb Fast website.

Cheers xx

My Awesome Year -2012


Recently I had the pleasure of spending a full on afternoon with a group of lovely women and one courageous man.  With my gorgeous SIL in tow, we undertook a great afternoon of self-reflection, meditation and creativity.

Cathy and Louise did a fine job of championing the day.  The purpose of the workshop was to create a vision board for 2012.  Being the control freak that I am…I had it all planned out.  I would simply cut and paste about my nutrition and exercise goals for the up and coming year…. nothing too confronting about that.  WOAH!!!! Was I surprised.  After some simple meditation and some though provoking written exercises, I was confronted with what this year is really about for me.  With the guidance and support of my SIL it all became very real.

Motherhood is an amazing journey, one that I have kind of let slip under the radar due to work commitments during the past few years.  So as it turned out “being present” – particularly  in the company of our great kids will be my main aspiration  this year.  I’m not sure that my vision board adequately captures my intent, but make no mistake, that’s what I meant.

So every time I look at it hanging in my bathroom, that’s what I’ll think of.

Happy 2012!




Welcome to “Zoesquid – a simpler life” on word press.  After 5 years of blogging (albeit frustratingly) on another platform, Ive decided that 2012 is my year to make the change.

For new readers you can read a little more about me on the “About Me” page up there.  It also contains a link to past posts.

So my first post for 2012 is really about fairwelling 2011.

We sadly and unexpectedly said goodbye to Tims brother (aka Uncle Jonny to our girls) last year. RIP Uncle Jonny – you will be missed.

Back in August, I switched my stressful executive job to something a little less taxing. Its taking time to adjust but I feel like Im getting there. Its been great to reconnect with hubby and the girls and to have a little more time for other pursuits. After all thats why we moved to the country. Ive taken up golf , joined the local golf club and officially have a handicap! Its been great having some “grown up” time with the other half again.

I have signed up for this workshop on Saturday . ‘Ill be joining Cathy, Louise and a group of other crafty souls in a workshop to help get the year of to a great start.

I ended up losing 10kg on the 12WBT and have maintained it (albeit a little up and down over the Christmas break). This year my focus will be on healthy eating and trying to reduce my body fat percentage. I found a great podcast called fat 2 fit radio and Im enjoying working through the back catalogues during my morning routines.  Im contemplating writing another blog all about my health and fitness pursuits.

We got another horse on lease – Chad for my SIL. Sadly there hasnt been much riding after said SIL took a fall and broke her arm. It is slowly on the mend and I cant wait for the day she and I are back in the saddles together.


Crafting has absolutely taken a back seat and Im really hoping to get that mojo back again too. I joined the Geelong meet for this crafty group last year, but am yet to get to a class. The first one this year has a granny square focus, and whilst I cant attend (again), Ive been busy learning how to crochet and really enjoying it – its the perfect caravan craft!

Weve just come home from our annual caravanning holiday.  Weve enjoyed having some lovely family and friends visit and equally enjoyed  some quiet, introspective, refective time.  What will your 2012 look like?